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Our Delicious Story

Red Ginger & Rumah Sayang are the creations of a dedicated team of food lovers, having decades of experience in the F&B industry. We first started operating at IMM Building since 2000, gaining a strong presence in the West region of Singapore through serving a remarkable spread of Nasi Padang dishes. Our niche expertise lies in halal cuisine with a modern twist, dedicated to bringing top-notch fare to customers at affordable prices. A strong focus on our traditional cooking methods of Nasi Padang complemented with authentic local wok dishes ensures a gastronomical experience that must not be missed!

Our Featured Delicacies

nasi lemak

Nasi Lemak


Kueh Lopes

prawn egg laksa

Prawn Egg Laksa

Begedil lontong

Begedil Lontong

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